Our Story

Catie, Inspiration

CEO Intimates is a fashionable pajama collection designed for all women. This collection is designed with a cancer patient in mind: sensually soft yet breathable fabrics, easy on & off design, sleeves with accessibility to IV points and ports. The pajamas are dual lined in the chest area, so should you have guests over while you're wearing them, you're not flashing your "headlights".

The idea for CEO Intimates came after Catie E. Ott was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time. Her sister, Allison Kritz, had been attending Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising with hopes to start a yoga collection. Since they were little girls, they had dreamed up hundreds of business ideas together, as they were meant to be business partners.

One night they were taking a walk in the hospital ward after Allison had made a robe for her sister. Catie expressed that it was one of the only things that still made her feel beautiful... She had recently lost her hair and was growing thin. She also lamented how the pajamas for breast cancer patients weren’t very attractive or flattering. After some research, they found that there was a need for fashion forward lounge wear and pajamas, geared for women who wanted to feel beautiful, even when they were undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation. CEO Intimates was born.

Catie passed away on July 8th, 2015, leaving behind a beautiful son named Liam and husband Ben.

A charitable donation from every single sale is donated to Breast Cancer Angels, an organization supports the whole family when a member is diagnosed with cancer.

Our eco footprint is considered in every aspect of the business, we source recycled or repurposed materials, we only use 100% recycled packaging and loathe single use plastic. 

These designs were created in Catie's honor, and we hope that when you wear them, you feel beautiful, supported, and hopeful for the future.

Catie with family

Allison continues her promise to her sister that they would build a successful business together. She currently lives in Newport Beach with her baby girl and handsome husband. When she's not cooking up cute pajamas for you to wear, you can find her either at yoga, walking the island with her golden doodles Best & Worst, or cruising Newport harbor.